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These cheeky elves are always up to something mischievous and your children are sure to enjoy their silly antics! When you receive your Elf on the Shelf box, you'll find everything you need to complete 24 days of Elf on the Shelf activities or scenarios. Each day is individually packaged with instructions and everything you need to do the activity so there's no guesswork - it's all ready for you!


Elf on the Shelf is NOT included.


Each box includes:

-An arrival activity for the elf's first day, December 1st

-A goodbye letter for the elf's last day, December 24th, reindeer food for Santa's visit

-An Elf on Strike sign in case your child needs to be reminded of the rules of Elf on the Shelf or to improve behavior


Elf Packages A and B include completely different daily activities, so choose the one that sounds the best for your child and next year you can order the other package with no overlap!


Package B Daily Activities include (and can be done in any order):

-Bubblegum butt scenario

-Pin the nose on the reindeer activity

-Duct tape toilet paper scenario

-Brownies scenario

-Coded message from the North Pole activity

-Elf kissing booth scenario

-Candy cane zipline scenario

-Climbing wall scenario

-Frozen elf scenario

-Elf Twister scenario

-Beware bears scenario

-Elf car wash scenario

-Golf scenario

-Shark scenario

-Elf yoga scenario

-Build elf house activity

-Tic tac bow activity

-Hidden treat activity

-Elf joke book scenario

-Glow party scenario

-Popcorn and hot cocoa family activity

-Elf name activity


Shipping only to the contiguous United States.


All packages will be shipped on November 16th, 2023.

Elf on the Shelf Package B

  • Due to the timely nature of this product, we cannot issue refunds once the product has shipped.

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