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There's no TIME like the present to explore time travel with your class! Help stranded time traveler, Leroy Vega, find his missing time machine parts that are scattered throughout time. Can you get him all his parts by Friday so that he can repair his time machine and get home? There's only one way to find out!


This product is a 39-page PDF with a week's worth of time travel activities for students in preschool through second grade. Learn about history and geography as you visit the prehistoric era, ancient Egypt, medieval times, the 1950s and the future!


Every summer camp curriculum includes:

-A materials list of supplies needed for the week

-Book suggestions for the week

-Themed snack and meal ideas 

-Detailed activity instructions

-A minimum of 2 activities per day


Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not accepted.

Time Travel PDF

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